Financial control 

done your way.


Sudduth Financial offers solutions for personal and business finances. 

Personally, you need help with creating & managing a budget, getting out of debt and building wealth.

Professionally, your small business needs help with financial management, budgeting, and system implementation.

The good news is: You are in the right place.
Here at Sudduth Financial it's all about you - your personal finances or your business. Financial control done your way. 

Nicole has literally been an angel to me this past year. Thanks to her kind support, knowledge and guidance, I have been able to increase my income $8K over what it was last year. Also, I’ve been able to trim down expenses and make better quality decisions about spending for both my business and personal needs. And, I have a much-improved organizational system for doing my monthly budget and for tracking all my income & outlays. Most importantly, Nicole offers me emotional support to navigate my financial life in a balanced way. I know that I can trust her 100% to listen and offer her insights while allowing me to come to my own conclusions and to make my own decisions. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help with finances in any capacity. She is wise beyond her years and she leads by example. Nicole is an outstanding person and counselor… I thank God for her!
— Kate S., Atlanta, GA