DayOne Financial Coaching

for Individuals, Couples & Families

In our financial coaching sessions, we focus on developing a strategy to help you feel secure and move more confidently into the future.

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  • Financial Wellness Check: $100
    [30 minute session]
  • 1-Hour Session (One-off): $175
  • 1-Hour Follow-Up Session: $150
    [may be split into 2 x 30 minute sessions]
  • 3 x 1-Hour Sessions (Maintenance): $400
    [may be split into 30 minute sessions]
  • 6 x 1-Hour Sessions (Mentorship): $750
    [monthly sessions over 6 months]
  • 12 x 1-Hour Sessions (Mentorship): $1500
    [monthly sessions over 1 year]


What does “DayOne Financial Coaching” stand for?

It stands for a fresh start. A new beginning. Hope for the future. The first day of being in control of your finances.

We have all made financial mistakes, but in our sessions we do not focus on the past. Instead of looking backwards, we will start anew, armed with a solid plan and accountability to meet your goals and achieve financial health. The first day we work together is ‘Day One’ of your new financial journey - I am so excited to walk it with you.

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Financial Wellness Check
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1-Hour Session
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1-Hour Follow-Up
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3 x 1-Hour Sessions
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6 x 1-Hour Sessions
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12 x 1-Hour Sessions
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Before working with Nicole, I had attempted to manage my finances on my own with different tools, from apps to cash systems. My idea of saving was freezing a nearly maxed out credit card in ice until I faced some trivial “emergency”. But with Nicole’s help, I am more confident than ever in my ability to manage my money. She took the time to get to know me and helped me create a budget that reflected my personal goals and circumstances. Because of her support and guidance, I can afford to live a life I love instead of borrowing a life I can’t afford.
— Ashley H., Atlanta, GA