What do Sudduth Financial’s core values stand for?

Our core values are Empowerment, Education, Accountability and Transparency. Sudduth Financial’s vision is to lead business owners, individuals, couples and families to financial freedom. We do this by providing qualitative and common sense advice for our clients to reach their financial goals. It is our purpose to instill confidence and hope when it comes to our clients' finances.

Empowerment –
We aim to empower and equip our clients to take charge of their personal and business finances.

Education –
We are committed to educating and teaching, and providing solutions that our clients are deeply invested in because they understand them. This makes them crisis- and future-proof.

Accountability –
We are accountable to our clients and equally offer accountability for our clients to reach their money goals.

Transparency –
We promise transparency in our pricing, processes and policies. 

What is a “fee-only consultant” and why does this matter?

Fee-only consultants (vs. fee-based or commission advisors) only charge their clients a fee for services rendered and do not accept fees, commission or any other compensation based on referring or selling products. Fee-only consultants generally provide more comprehensive advice, and fewer conflicts of interest arise. The main benefit of working with a fee-only consultant is that the advice will be based on the client’s best interest instead of a potential financial upside for the consultant.

Sudduth Financial is proud to provide fee-only services. We do not receive any compensation for the products or services we recommend. 

What is “DayOne Financial Coaching”?

Sudduth Financial offers both personal coaching and business services. The program offering coaching to individuals, couples and families is called “DayOne Financial Coaching”.  

What is a financial coach and how can a coach help me?

A financial coach is an expert in areas such as debt reduction/elimination, budgeting, bankruptcy, collections, saving for retirement, paying for college and other money management topics. A financial coach, as opposed to a financial advisor, does not sell products. A coach educates clients, develops a financial plan, recommends specific tools tailored to their clients’ individual situations and offers encouragement and accountability. 

What does the coaching process look like at Sudduth Financial?

Once you decide to enroll in Sudduth Financial’s “DayOne Financial Coaching” program, you choose one of the products offered here. Within 12 hours of purchasing the product through this website, you will receive a welcome email. This email will contain in-take paperwork you will need to complete at your earliest convenience. Within 12 hours of returning the paperwork to us, you will receive a link to our online appointment scheduling through which you choose an appointment date and time that is most convenient for you. Before the scheduled appointment, you will receive additional email reminders. Within 24 hours after the session you will receive a follow-up email containing a session summary, action steps and additional recommendations and resources.

Prior to follow-up and monthly sessions, you will receive an email with a brief update form to fill out and once returned to me, you will receive the link to schedule your next appointment. 

What can I expect during my coaching session(s)?

Initial coaching sessions start with brief introductions during which you will learn more about your coach and your coach will learn more about you - your background, your current situation, your pain points and your money personality. From there we will dive straight into your most pressing issues and together we will develop a strategy to tackle those issues.

During follow-up and monthly sessions we will spend a few minutes catching up on the progress you have made since we last talked before discussing the next set of questions and concerns.

All sessions end with a short recap. You will not have to take notes during the appointment as you will receive a detailed summary within 24 hours of the session. 

What is the average investment into the coaching program?

The investment you make depends entirely on you and your individual situation.

Some clients just want to know where they stand and a Financial Wellness Check is all they need for peace of mind and minor strategy adjustments. Other clients come to us with a very specific issue or concern that may be resolved in a single 1-hour session at $175. If additional questions remain after the session, we recommend a follow-up session at the reduced rate of $150.

For more complex situations and/or if you prefer a little more maintenance and accountability we recommend purchasing the 3-session package at $400. Initial sessions generally last one hour but the remaining two hours may be split into four 30 minute sessions to stretch over a longer period. 

Our mentorship packages are available to purchase for $750 (6 months) or $1500 (12 months). Both packages are designed to provide monthly motivation and accountability over the course of six months to one year. You will receive comprehensive and on-going guidance as we work on executing your individual financial plan. Monthly pay-in-advance plans are available upon request.

Whichever product you choose, it is an investment into a healthy financial future for you and your family. 

I don’t live in Atlanta, Georgia. Can I still enroll into the DayOne coaching program?


Absolutely! Coaching sessions are available in-person, over the phone or on various web-based services.